Patreon exclusive serial…

Strangers like to watch me…

They sit riveted to their screens as I expose that need I keep inside. I wanted their eyes on me, their desire. And their money too.

If my parents found out…they’d disown me.

I lived two lives. My job as a legal secretary for one of the most prestigious law firms in the city…and my private life, where I made my more than my boss’s salary in a single month…

My worlds were hidden from each other. Until now…

Now one man knows who I am.

Menacing emails flood my account, a crazed fan threatening to expose me if I don’t give him what he wants.


I didn’t need this. Not…now when I was dealing with a new client at work. Someone demanding, someone involved with the Mafia.

Dante Krul…

Dante tracks my moves like hunter tracking his prey. That dark stare chilling, even from across the room, making my pulse flutter.

He keeps bumping into me at my favorite spots. The co-incidence is too much, especially when I find his name in my list of subscribers…

But when I’m attacked, he’s there, protecting me with savage ferocity. 

Only now he demands the unthinkable. 

He wants the truth. 

Can I do the one thing that terrifies me? 

Can I drop the walls I built between my worlds and let this deadly stranger in? 

Can I hope he isn’t just a fan…but my savior?

Chapter One - Cole

“We’ve been going around the same damn argument for the last three hours.” Oliver Limestone counted as he paced the other end of the long conference table. The balding idiot was always the loudest at these things as he barked like he was delivering the final closing argument on a damn death row case. “Taking on this case could result in a lot of unwanted attention.”

“And plenty of billable hours.” My boss, Dominic Grey, muttered. It was the same argument he’d thrown at Limestone for the last three hours, but it was like beating a dead horse. The guy had suddenly grown a conscience and didn’t want to go to bat for this new client, no matter how loaded he was. It wasn’t the guy personally Oliver didn’t like. It was his reputation. The Mafia…or the M word. Because we didn’t call them that here. No, we were professionals.

My phone lit up the dark burgundy wood table, even though it was face down. It was late…almost eight pm. Someone stifled a yawn. I glanced up, betting it was old man Copeland. He sat near the front of the table, his head dropping, mouth parted, about ten seconds away from a snore.

My phone illuminated again…

Still the idiot Limestone droned on. “This is a damn slippery slope…one I’m not comfortable with.”

I glanced around to the empty chairs where I was seated, then carefully reached for the phone, sliding it from the table to hide in the dim light underneath.

217 notifications…

In the last hour. I bit my lip, glanced up and then unlocked my screen.

OnlyFans waited, and my pulse sped. I swallowed hard, the argument at the other end of the table fading away. I opened the app; the screen filled with messages. Pleas more like it.

Two hundred and seventeen…eighteen…thirty…eighty…three hundred and twenty. All in the last hour. Some idiot made his request public, and now others chimed in.

I’ll send a hundred dollars…

A new Dolce?

You look like you need a diamond?

One thousand…I’ll send you a thousand dollars for a pic right now.

I smiled, clicked on the request. Biting my lip punched in my address in a blinding second.

Payment received $1000 from hardwired4U.

My pulse raced as I lifted my gaze to the other end of the table, to the idiots who argued and countered and bored the pants off the other members of the board, then slowly dropped my hands to my thighs, sliding my black leather skirt higher, exposing black thigh-highs, then opened my legs.

The rush tore through me. Christ, if they knew…if they knew, I’d be fired. Worse, I’d be exposed. Thunder filled my ears, the thrashing sound deafening as I pressed the camera with one hand and reached down, snagging the side of my panties with the other.

The flash illuminated in a blinding second, before I let go, lifted my gaze, eyes up front. Heads turned my way, but they didn’t see…didn’t see me as I pressed send and rewarded hardwired4U.

A smile crested my lips.

One thousand dollars…

That was chump change. As soon as I got out of here, I’d make a lot more.

“Then we’re settled.” Adrianna snapped and shoved out her chair before standing. “Because if I have to listen to this a second longer, I think I’ll go to work for the damn Mafia.”

“Adrian.” Old Mr. Copeland snapped.

“Right…organised criminals.” She drawled, then gave the old man a wink.

He just chuckled, like he always did when it came to her. But the other side of the table across from her wasn’t laughing. Major Copeland, the moody, erotic play body just glared at his stepsister. “Going somewhere? We’re not done here.”

Adrianna just held his stare. “I’m done. In fact, I was done five minutes after we sat down.” She shifted her gaze. “Dominic, the case is all yours. Start asap. I want a breakdown of the case structure, proposal and expected billable hours on my desk tomorrow by lunchtime. Daddy.” She bent and kissed the old man’s cheek. “See you on the weekend, okay?”

She didn’t wait for an answer, just glanced my way as she made for the door. But I caught the tint tug of her smile as our gazes collided, and I couldn’t help but let out an internal cheer.

Thank God someone had the balls to put an end to this wasted evening.

I could be home drinking top shelf Scotch and my brand new black lace robe from Honey Birdette thanks to Mr. CumGetSum44. The moment Adrianna left, the others followed. Everyone but Major, who’s gaze was fixed on the open door where his stepsister walked through. He glanced my way, those intense amber eyes darkening as he found the open collar of my blouse, his gaze skimming my breasts before he glanced away.

Major wasn’t interested in me. He wasn’t interested in anyone.

He was a pretty little rich boy with a God complex. The only person I knew who rattled his cage was his stepsister. It was one of the reasons I liked her so damn much.

“Okay,” Dominic murmured as he rose. “Thanks for coming, everyone.”

Like we had a damn choice.

They filed out one by one. I smiled at old Mr. Copeland as he passed, then rose, grabbing my phone and made for the door.


I groaned internally, then turned back, meeting Dominic’s gaze. “Yes, Mr. Grey?”

Dominic held my gaze as others cut across. “Can I see you in my office for five minutes?”

I winced, then smothered it with a smile. “Of course.”

I waited for the rush, mentally calculating another five hundred dollars lost just for the extra ten minutes he’d take to get to the damn point. I followed him out, then made our way back along the hallway, listening to the night cleaners as they vacuumed.

Dominic strode into his large corner office overlooking the city. It was a nice office. Not a board of members nice, but nice enough.

“Take a seat.” He motioned to the chair on the other side of the desk.

I did as he instructed as he perched on the corner of his desk. His expression was grave…of shit…I scanned my mind as panic rose. Did he somehow find my account? I was careful…so damn careful.

“I’ve been meaning to discuss this with you for a while now.” He started, then reached behind him.

Slate grey slacks stretched tight over muscled thighs. Dominic was a good looking man. He worked out, was comfortable on this two hundred thousand a year salary. Money I could make in a couple of months doing what I did online.

But he didn’t know that.

“You deserve this, and it was important that I was the one who gave it to you.” He turned back, handing me an envelope.

I glanced at the rolled-up sleeves against his forearms, then to his gaze. “What’s this?”

He grinned. “Open it and see.”

I forced a smile, then opened it, reading the slip of paper, scanning the important details. “You’re giving me a pay rise?”

“Yup. You’re now up to sixty thousand a year. Pretty good, right?”

“Five percent.” I murmured.

“Five big percent.” He punched it home.

“Wow.” I calculated how pathetic that was. I could make his five percent and then some with a few more snaps of my splayed pussy alone.

“This case will be substantial, so I’m going to expect more from you because of it. I need you, Cole. I need you with me at all the meetings and the late nights.”

“Great.” I died a little inside. “Thank you, Mr. Grey. I really appreciate the confidence in me.”

“You’re not just a pretty face.” He beamed, lowering his gaze to my breasts as he leered over me. “You’re smart too.”

What a compliment.

It never escaped me how he always sat above me, or stood while he urged me to sit. How he lingered at my back and stared at me over the photos of his wife and kids when I walked into the room. All this for sixty thousand a year. Those years at college were well spent.

I gripped the letter and rose. “I appreciate this, truly. I won’t let you down.”

“I know you won’t.” He said, watching as I made a move toward the door.

“I’ll see you in the morning, then.”

“Bright and early.” He murmured, hope dancing in his eyes.

I turned, walking a little too fast as I escaped and hurried for my own office adjacent to his. I grabbed my bag and my jacket and was out the door in an instant, leaving Dominic and his leering gaze behind and made for the bank of elevators, that’s take me down to the car park, praying my three hundred requests hadn’t turned into a full-blown meltdown.

I tapped my heels as the elevator came to a stop and the doors opened. The foyer was empty and quiet. My heels clacked on the tiled floor. I glanced toward the movement as a guard came out of nowhere, his keys clinking as he moved.

I left him behind, hating these late nights and pushed through the double glass doors at the rear of the foyer and out into the car park.

My sleek silver Audi sat parked at the far right. The car spaces set aside for Copeland Law and I was lucky enough to get in early and snag a place for myself. I scanned the rest of the car park. It was dark and quiet…too quiet.

A shiver of fear coursed through me as I cursed the late night meeting once more. The least they could do was to have more security escort us out. There was far too much violence in this city.

And not enough sex.

For me, at least.

I slipped my hand into my bag, searched for my keys, and pulled them free as I lowered my gaze and started walking. The sound of my heels echoed too damn loud. I wanted to stop and take them off…but then I just wanted to hurry and get the Hell out of here.

I lengthened my stride, pressing the button as soon as I was within range. Orange lights flashed as the Audi unlocked. I yanked open the driver’s door and climbed in, my pulse hammering as I scanned the car park and yanked the door closed, punching the locks on the sports car and stabbed the button, starting the engine.

Everyone at work either thought I either had a nice little trust fund, or a rich boyfriend to afford a car like this. But I had neither. I had my body, my tits, my ass…my pussy, too. Lonely nights and a dark aching need drew me to find others with the same yearning.

Now…I had the kind of money I could only dream of. Money I earned on my own without a damn trust fund of a boyfriend. I yanked my seatbelt across, stowed my purse in the door, then shoved the car into gear and backed out. I made my way through the car park, stopping at the boom gate.

I stabbed the button for my window, and reached down, grabbing my employee card from my purse…until it slipped. Shit. I glanced down, searching for the opening. The blare of the car alarm behind me made me jump.

I let out a scream, wrenched my gaze up, searching the mirror and fumbled for my employee card. The boom gate rose as I slapped it to the scanner. I was shoving the car into gear and punching the accelerator before I knew.

The dark blur came out of nowhere, cutting across the front of the car as I hit the exit. I slammed on the brakes and jolted forward as a group of three young, drunk idiots strode across, turning to leer and yell at me as they slowly passed.

“Fuck me!” One yelled, staring. “You want to run into me sexy? You are fucking gorgeous!”

My heart punched into the back of my throat with the movement. Headlights shone against a guy in a hoodie where the assholes came from. But he wasn’t with them. Instead, he turned away as I eased out, leaving the jeering and catcalls behind.

“Jesus…” I muttered, accelerating and pulled out.

My hands were shaking…adrenaline surging through my system.

Goddamn those late evenings. Never again. I didn’t care what important meeting about some rich asshole needed me; I wasn’t doing it…they didn’t pay me enough. Including my whole five percent pay rise.




Chapter Two - Cole

I pulled the Audi into the driveway, stopped long enough to for the garage door to rise, before I eased inside and killed the engine. Oscar was at the door, howling in his insistent tone that let me know full well his displeasure of being kept waiting.

“Don’t bitch at me.” I muttered, striding past him and into the house. “You think I wanted to sit there and listen to them drone?”

I walked inside, dropped my bag and my keys onto the counter before I turned and knelt. “Come on, don’t be sour, give momma a hug.”

He meowed, then rubbed against my leg, leaving me to scratch his chin and sink my fingers into his thick, silver fur. “Come on then, I’ll get you some dinner.”

I stood, made my way around the counter, then opened the top cupboard and pulled out a small of food, cracking it open before upending the contents into his bowl. “There. That should keep you satisfied, for an hour or two at least.”

I left him to eat and made my way into my bedroom with my phone. The screen illuminated with a flood of new messages, no doubt demanding when they’d get their fix. They could wait…just for a little while. I kicked off my heels and unzipped my skirt as I made my way into the bathroom.

A shower, that’s what I needed.

I wanted to forget about work and new clients and pathetic bosses with their leering gazes and pathetic pay rises. I wanted to forget about me, about the pressures of being an only child from parents who were academics. Parents who voiced their displeasure at my job with short, biting questions and careful winces when I tried to explain I enjoyed it.

Enjoyed helping criminals, mom snapped.

Enjoyed practicing the law, I reminded, it just so happened we defended…a lot of shady people. I shed my clothes and hit the tap, stepping into the spray when it ran warm. A moan rumbled in the back of my throat as I dropped my head.

The tension in my shoulders eased under the needle spray. I stayed there, pushing the real me away and slowly found that other part of me. The secret part…the hungry part.

I reached around and turned off the water before stepping out and grabbed the towel. I tried my hair, taking time to brush and blow dry the long amber strands. Not quite red and yet not brown. The color rich and vibrant, against my pale skin.

I didn’t need a lot of makeup, but they liked red lips, especially when I wore the masks. I applied the lipstick, blotting before applying again and walked from the bathroom. My phone wasn’t even falling quiet. Message after message illuminated the screen.

I hit the lights, slid on black lace sheer panties and matching bra. The fabric so sheer you saw everything…and when I meant everything, I meant everything. I strode toward my desk and powered on my laptop before making my way to the door and dimmed the lights.

My body was humming by the time I logged in. The notifications were too many, they always were. Still, I angled the camera down and hit the button. “So missed me?”




They kept on coming, filling the bar as I dropped my hand, letting my fingers brush my nipples. “God, I missed you. I’m so horny…aren’t you horny?”

Decidedlyexcited sent you five hundred dollars.

I leaned closer, keeping my face out of view. “Decidedly excited.” I murmured. “Talk to me, handsome. Tell me what you want.”

Decidedlyexcited sent you a message: Private show.

I smiled. “Sure. Right after here, gorgeous.”

I stepped closer, my face well out of view and braced my hands against the desk until my breasts filled the screen.

New members: CarnalKraving55, Mr. Kruel-tee, Junetosmalls.

“Well, hello, Carnival, Mr Kruel-tee and Junetosmalls. Welcome, I hope you enjoy the show.” I lowered my hand, letting my fingers dance around my nipple and let out a moan. I stared at the screen, at the blinking lights and the numbers of online subscribers growing as I hooked my finger against the edge of bra and slid it low.

The sheer fabric grazed my nipple, popping free. Christ, I liked this. Like the climbing numbers and the blinking lights. I liked knowing that they watched me. That they hung onto every brush of my finger, and every sigh from my lips. I didn’t care if they were men or women…I just cared they were there.

I rolled my nipple gently between my fingers, feeling the blush pink nub pucker tight. Heat rushed between my thighs. I lowered my head, just a little, until my mouth filled the screen. “I want to fuck…and fuck…and…fuck.”

Two thousand subscribers online, two thousand and twenty…fifty…eighty.

“I need cock.” I reached down, sliding my fingers underneath the elastic of my panties. “I want to rideeee.” I rocked my hips forward.

CarnivalKraving55 sent you a message: I want you.

I stared at the screen and slid my fingers down deeper, all the way into that warm slit.

CarnivalKraving55 sent you a message: now you fucking whore.

I stopped rocking.

CarnivalKraving55: You think you can get rid of me that easily? You won’t ever get rid of me—

I reached out, hit the button and ended his feed. My pulse was racing, and not in a good way. “I’m cutting it short today, guys. I’ll be back on tomorrow. Decidedly, watch out for my feed.”

I hit the camera, ending the view, making sure no feeds were online before I sat in front of the screen and pulled up the details.

CarnivalKraving55. The way he spoke, the things he said. It was too much of a co-incidence. I pulled up the kit of conversation between HeartedLover and scanned the last few messages.

  HeartedLover: You can’t kick me off…I OWN YOU BITCH! I’ll fucking find you. I’ll give you cock then, I’ll fuck you until you bleed, want to bleed, bitch? Want to fucking bleed on the end of my—

I hit the button, ended the screen. The red cancel banner was against his account. They’d block him from signing up, from even trying to get back into my account under that IP address.

Unless he blocked it.

There was no way of knowing if it was him. I swallowed a shiver, glancing to the doorway as Oscar rubbed his body against the frame. I had a few creepers, but none affected me like this, like him. Like the things he said he wanted to do to me.

Violent things.

Terrifying things.

I swallowed a shudder and rose from the seat before logging back in and pressing the private feed for Decidedlyexcited and watched as the green light came alive. “There you are gorgeous. You wanted a show? Tell me what you want…”

“On the bed.” He answered. “Hands and knees. I want to see your pussy and ass.”

I smiled, rose and slid my panties down. “Your wish is my command.”

I made sure there was nothing in view as I stepped out of my underwear, angled the laptop to the bed and walked to the edge. My mask was there, black, lace, covering my face. Just make sure. I slid it on, climbed up.

“Touch yourself.” He demanded. “I want to watch you come.”

I reached between my legs, sliding my fingers along my slit, working myself until that familiar need roared to the surface and I climaxed hard, fucking my own fingers and moaned.

When I was done, I logged off, checked my contributor account and smiled.

But the smile didn’t stay, not when I climbed into bed an hour later…

My mind returning to the sick messages HeartedLover sent me, and how they sounded eerily familiar. Too familiar…



Chapter Three - Cole

I gathered what little information we had on Dante Krul. A name, date of birth and a social security number that was no doubt false typed on one simple slip of paper that spat out of the printer. No firearms, fraud, or any charges that I could find. Not even a damn unpaid parking ticket. Who the Hell was this guy? 

Someone rich, someone powerful…someone who was obviously in a shitload of trouble. I grabbed the paper, slipped it into a file I tucked under my arm before grabbing my coffee. A coffee I desperately needed if I was going to make it through the day, only now it was cold. Shit. 

Dominic’s annoying laughter drifted in from the hallway. He was early…or I was late. Shit.   

“Mr. Krul.” Dominic opened the door to the private stateroom and stepped inside as I rose from the desk and turned as a man followed Dominic into the room. “I want you to know we’re going to be dedicating every resource we have to assist you in any way we can. Day or night. We’re your guys. 

He kept talking, his voice growing higher the more nervous he became. 

And he was nervous…with good reason. 

The man that followed him inside was quiet, controlled. Dark eyes barely searched the room before they settled on me. 

“This is Ms. Reyes. She’ll be working closely with me to assist you though this…inconvenience. Please, sit. Can I get you a coffee or water?”

But he never took a seat, instead he remained standing even as Dominic slipped into the oversized leather seat and crossed his legs. “So I can assure you whatever details the FBI has taken in the raid will be met with the full force of Copeland Law. 

“Ms. Reyes.” The tone was icy, direct, but those eyes…silver, grey. Cold like arctic storm. He stepped forward, reached for my hand. 

Dominic watched us, his confused gaze flaring with a hint of jealousy as I met Dante’s gaze. 

“As I said.” Dominic’s voice drifted. “The FBI.” 

“Won’t get what they want.” Dante slowly answered, his gaze fixed on mine, before he lowered my hand and turned, his gaze fixed on Dominic as he took the leather seat across from him. “Coffee, black, no sugar. Thank you.” 

“Sure.” My boss just muttered. 

I moved to his side, placed the file on the small table at his side and returned to the desk, picking up the phone and gave the coffee order to Jasmine, our perky young receptionist. She sounded too damn perky for this time of the morning, leaving me to smother a wince and place the phone down. 

“So we can assume the FBI has been able to recover this hard drive. Do we have specifics on what is actually on there that could be led back to you?”

I was captured by the question as I grabbed my notepad and sat at the desk. I didn’t normally attend client meetings like this, but for some reason, Dante Krul was different. What he wanted…he got. I just assumed he was another one of those needy, pain in the ass clients, who expected someone to be on call for him twenty-four-seven. 

“Very little, that I’m aware of, but Dominic Salvatore can be…thorough.” 

Thorough? What the Hell did that mean?

I glanced his way. But that steely blue stare wasn’t for me. He was fixed on Dominic, watching how the information dawned on my boss. 

“By through you mean?” Dominic muttered. 

“Names. Dates. Nothing more than that…I believe. Unless…” 

“You had someone watching you.” Dominic shifted in his seat. 

“No.” Dante shook his head. “I would’ve known if I had a tail. The last thing I want is an audience.” 

He lifted his head, that stare colliding with mine. Jesus. My pulse raced with the connection. A flush tore through me, faint, brewing like the faint stirrings of an impending storm. I looked away. 

“In any case.” Dante continued. “If they do find something, they’ll have questions. One’s I prefer not to answer…and when I saw prefer, I mean. I won’t. If it comes to it. I’ll disappear.”

“No.” Dominic shook his head. “That’ll look like you have something to hide.” 

“I do.” Dante answered as a soft knock came at the door. 

Jasmine walked in, looking stunning with long, black hair, a knee-length black skirt and open collar white shirt. She was stunning and young with the most piercing blue eyes Is’d ever seen. She made a straight woman weak at the knees…and the men. They made a fool of themselves at her feet. 

But not Dante. He barely looked at her when she placed the cup next to him and smiled. “Anything else I can get for you, Mr. Krul?”

“No. Thank you.” He lifted his gaze to me. 

She wasn’t flirty, not on purpose. Still there was expectation how men should react to her, one that seemed falter with Dante. Jasmine’s smile faltered before she turned that perky charm to Dominic, who beamed like a love-struck schoolboy. “Thank you, Jasmine. You’re an asset.” 

“Thank you, Mr. Grey. Please let me know if there’s anything else you might need.” 

I almost groaned when he’s gaze followed her all the way to the door. I glanced at my own coffee, now cold, and rose quietly, making my way to the pitcher of water on the cabinet. 

My cell vibrated in my pocket as I poured and grabbed the glass, making my way back to the desk. I pulled my cell from my pocket and picked up the pen, pretending to jot down anything as I unlocked the screen of my phone. 

Eighty-eight notifications. 

My pulse sped. I swallowed and pressed the button, ending the sight. Any other time I’d feel that rush knowing they waited for me. I’d feel that power hit between my thighs. But today it felt…different. 

That apprehension was back again…the flighty sense of panic. I swallowed hard and gently place my cell face down on the desk, coming back to reality. 

“Then I think that’s a good place to start. When are we able to get this information organised, Cole?”

I snapped to attention at the sound of my name. “Excuse me?” 

Dominic turned in his seat to look over his shoulder. “The breakdown of charges on what we can expect in a case this size?”

“Charges.” I muttered, earning a confused and somewhat annoyed stare from my boss. “Of course. I’ll have that ready by the end of the day.” 

Heat flushed to my cheeks as Dominic turned back around to face our client. I glanced at Dante. Unlike Dominic, he wasn’t pissed off. Not that I could see. He watched me, those grey eyes searching mine before they shifted to my cell face-down on my desk. My pulse sped, like he almost knew…knew what I was really doing. 

There was that rush…

It swept through me, taking me over in an instant. The thought of someone like Dante knowing the real me was a punch to my chest. I swallowed hard, my breaths deepening. 

“Everything okay?” Dante murmured. “You seem…panicked.” 

“No.” I forced a smile. “Everything’s fine.”

This man made me fumble, stuttering and smiling like a damn fool. It wasn’t his looks. He was handsome, if you liked your men, unfathomable and unfeeling. But if you wanted charismatic, then Dante Krul has the chemistry of a damn table. Still…the way he looked at me. Like he was mentally picking apart every second of my life. 

That triggered me in ways I’d never felt before. 

“I’ll have your retainer to you by the end of the day.” Dante’s deep, bass-filled tone hit me between my thighs. I shifted in my seat, my gaze moving to my cell. Now I wanted to see the notifications. I wanted it…now. 

I rose from my seat when they did. Grabbed my cell and slid it into my pocket. 

“Ms. Reyes.” That voice was like a tongue between my thighs, licking, stroking. Dante gave a nod. “It’s been a pleasure.” 

“You too.” I whispered breathlessly. 

Hurry…hurry…I urged, watching them walk to the door with slow, commanding strides. I almost didn’t want him to go. There was something about Dante, something that set my body on fire. 

He turned, finding me across the room, before he gave a careful nod and walked out. Dominic closed the door carefully behind him and gave a hard exhale. “Jesus.” 

I was already striding for the door, slowing as he cut me a glare. “That guy is fucking scary.” 

“Sure.” I moved around him, reaching for the door handle. 

“Where are you going? We need to go over hours, time lines…”

“Bathroom.” I almost whimpered, yanking the handle and stumbled out of the executive office and out in the hallway. 

Christ, I’d never had anyone hit me like this before. I rushed to the toilets that no one used at the rear of the building and shoved through the door. It was empty, thank God. I locked myself into the cubicle and pressed against the door, trying to catch my breath.

But I was flushed. I dropped my head, my fingers brushing the hard peaks of my breasts. Was it him…or that rush? I closed my eyes, returning to that moment when it hit me. 




A moan tore free. Those grey-blue eyes looked right through me like I wasn’t even there. Like I didn’t exist in his world. Then why did he keep looking? Why didn’t he give Jasmine a second glance…but he did to me? 

I brushed my hand against my nipple and caught my breath. I was wet…I knew I was. I lowered the seat and lifted my foot, placed my heel on the edge and reached down, my fingers brushing my crease. Excitement surged inside me. I closed my eyes and trailed the heat once more. 

My pussy clenched as I slipped my finger under the elastic, sinking in deep. God, I was wet…so fucking wet. I pulled my finger free. That need roaring inside me. I wanted to fuck and be fucked. Under the stark, overheard white lights, I wanted to be watched. I wanted them to see me. 

I skimmed my finger across the screen, punched in the details and opened the app. 

Who wants a private show? DM me for details. I hit send. 

Barely a few seconds later. I’ll pay five thousand. 

“Five thousand?” I barely registered the name. Just typed in my details and hit sent. I was already lowering the camera, already tugging up my skirt. Already recording for him. Money or not. I wanted him to see me more than I wanted to be paid. 

I angled the camera up, staring at that green light as he watched me. My mouth was in shot. I slid two fingers in, sucking them until they were wet, then I lowered the view. Tugging my patients aside once more, I slipped in. My hips thrust forward, driving myself deeper. “I wish this was you.” I moaned. “Your fingers, your tongue…all of you.” 

He said nothing, no response. Not that I needed any. I fucked myself, dancing around my clit until it throbbed. A moan tore free. I turned, lowered my foot and sat on top of the seat, legs splayed as wide as I could. 

“Do you want me?” I whispered, knowing full well he heard me. “Do you want to touch me?”

I arched my back, my bare ass sticking to the seat as I thrust, meeting my fingers. Still, I could get deep enough, could be wide enough, couldn’t show him enough. I closed my legs, tugged my panties down and over my heels, placing them in my mouth before I slipped inside once more. Legs wide, pussy gaping. The camera fixed on my fingers as I slid them inside me. 

Oh, God…there…there. 

Cold-blue eyes…like a ghost. Dante Krul was a spectre, nothing more than a name on a database. He was no one. My pussy clenched. No one…

I unleashed a moan, my fingers slick, coated with desire. I looked down at the camera, watching myself in the reflection as I climaxed. My moan echoed, low…guttural. Fingers slowed, coated and shiny. I slipped free and lifted my hand, angling the cell to my mouth. I opened my mouth, dropping my panties from between my teeth and slipped my fingers in.

My core clenched with the salty taste. I licked, opening my mouth wider, listening to a moan as it tore from the speaker of my phone. Of all the things he watched, this was what made him weaken? I opened my fingers, slick cum strung between them, coating my tongue as I licked. 

“Fuck.” The deep, husky growl echoed. 

I said nothing, just licked and sucked, then slowly dropped my hand, staring at the name. “Until next time, Mr. Kruel-tee.” I murmured, then reached up and hit the button, ending the show. 

My legs refused to work as I grabbed a wad of toilet paper, wiped, then pulled my panties back on. By the time I made it back to the office, my legs were steadier, still that hunger stayed. Along with the memory of those ice-blue eyes…  


Chapter Four - Dante

My phone gave a beep when I stepped into the elevator. I looked down to the message on the screen OnlyFriends. My pulse thudded a little louder at the sight. I didn’t like that…I didn’t like that at all. She was a trigger for me, one I didn’t want, nor need. But here she was…just the same. 

Cole Reyes was someone I wanted to figure out. 

Who wants a private show? DM me for details.

I stared at the message, my fingers flying across the keyboard before I knew. I’ll pay five thousand. 

I hit send and stared at what I’d just done. There was no elation, no flicker of happiness. Not even desire, not in the way I expected. Just a hunger, like a black, malignant spot on my soul. One I didn’t need…not in a time like this. Dominic Salvatore was gunning for me. It wasn’t a feeling, nor was it an educated guess. I didn’t guess when it came to my life. I just…fucking knew. 

Which is why I was here…at Copeland Law. But I wasn’t just handing over my life to some schmuck in a off-the-rack goddamn suit, not without doing my due diligence. I ran background checks on Copeland and everyone else who’d be privy to my personal information. Everyone was boring as Hell. The typical cheating on their wives and using the company credit cards to do it. Even the son and soon to be a benefactor of the very expensive law firm, Major Copeland, had demons in his closet. 

But his desires didn’t run for expensive escorts or men…no, they ran still and deep, anchored in his own stepsister. I licked my lips as the money went through to Cole Reyes account and the private message came up on my phone. But I didn’t log in as the elevator hit the ground floor and the doors opened. No, I strode out through the foyer to the underground car park.  

I strode toward the steel grey Maserati parked at the end of the visitor car park, hit the button and opened the door before climbing in. My breaths were deeper. I tracked the rise and fall of my chest, cataloguing every reaction I had to this woman. I didn’t react like this. 

I lifted my hand and checked the stillness. It was rock steady, not a shake insight. So what was it about this woman that affected me like I’d just run a five-minute mile? I pulled up my phone and unlocked the screen, turning the volume low and hit the icon. 

There she was…in full fucking view. Her fingers sliding over the crease of her panties before they slipped underneath. Jesus. I lifted my gaze and scanned the car park, catching sight of my stony gaze in the rear mirror. 

I didn’t react like this.

Until now. 

I lowered my gaze, watching as her fingers slid inside, stroking, riding her body. My cock twitched as she slipped her panties free and lowered the toilet seat before sitting.  

“Do you want me?” Her breathy moan came through the speaker, aimed right for my cock. “Do you want to touch me?”

She arched back, thrusting her fingers inside. Her legs slayed wide, pussy open. My breaths deepened as I stared at her perfect slit. My mouth watered, balls tightened. The vein under my cock pulsed with desire. My body craving what it couldn’t have. 

But I could have this. Just a taste, at least. I hit record on my screen, watching as the counter raced. The camera tilted as she closed her eyes and for a second, I had her. Her mouth crammed with lace black panties, eyes closed with desire. Then the camera angled back to her glistening pussy. 

Was she thinking about me? 

My pulsed raced as she unleashed a moan through the flimsy underwear. Why else the display? Someone got Ms. Reyes all hot and bothered, and it was either me or the fucking schmuck in the cheap suit. A nerve twitched at the corner of my eye. 

It better not be the schmuck…or else. 

Or else what? The words rose. The legal secretary was neither mine to control, or care about. All I wanted to know was, if she was a liability. The answer was that was a resounding yes. But I it wasn’t because of the reasons I expected. 

She let out a guttural moan, her fingers stilling inside as she climaxed. My pulse was thundering, my skin crawling along my spine. I fucking wanted her. Wanted her more than I’d wanted another woman before. My cock punched against my zipper. I ground my jaw as she dropped the panties from her mouth. 


Jesus, no. 

She slipped her fingers into her mouth and sucked. 

My cock spasmed as I came hard. I looked down as warmth spilled across the front of my pants. But I couldn’t look away, watching as her tongue slipped between her fingers. “Fuck.”I groaned before I realised I’d spoken the word out loud. 

She was bringing me undone. Making me vulnerable in ways I didn’t like. 

“Until next time, Mr. Kruel-tee.” She murmured before she ended the call. I stared at the blank screen as my heart thundered and my thought scattered. “Don’t do this, not now. You can’t afford to get involved. And not with someone as fucking intoxicating as her.” 

She’d ruin me…in the most stunningly destructive way. 

I just knew it. I sucked in a breath, hit the button on my phone and cast it to passenger’s seat of my car before I started the engine and pulled out of the parking space. I needed to get to the shooting range. Maybe there I’d find some resemblance of composure. I needed to get my head on straight and away from her. 

But first, I needed some clean fucking pants. 

I glanced at the phone as I swung the wheel and headed out of the underground garage. Maybe this was done now. Maybe watching her had been enough. I winced with the lie, braked and then pulled out into the traffic, fighting that urge to grab the cell and pull up the recording once more. 

Five thousand dollars? 

I would’ve paid more… 


Chapter Five - Cole

I tried to focus on my work and not to think about how our new client, Dante Krul, affected me. I didn’t fall apart at the mere meeting with a guy. Not usually, anyway. But in the wake of what happened in the bathroom, I had to take stock of what was happening.

There was something so familiar about him. Something I couldn’t put my finger on. It wore at me as I filed the reports Dominic asked for, making sure checked every appeal and report. By tie I was done. It was well after lunch, and even though I was hungry, I couldn’t seem to want to leave.

Still, I rose, made my way to the break room and grabbed an apple from the display of fruit we had on hand, bypassing the iced donuts and danishes. I took water from the refrigerator and made my way back to my desk, glancing across the hallway to Dominic’s empty office.

He was taking a longer lunch break. With the company divided as to if we should ever take on Dante’s case, I was sure my boss was playing it up as much as he could. I, on the other hand, wanted to know more about this mysterious man in trouble with the FBI.

It wasn’t the first time we had someone dangerous or powerful in our books and it was almost guaranteed it wouldn’t be the last. Dominic Salvatore. That was the man Dante referred to as the head of some organisation called the Commission. I bit into my apple, opened up my browser and started typing.

Dominic Salvatore. A powerful man in the import and export trade. Widower…I clicked on another link and it took me to the most stunning red-hated woman with strong cheekbones, gorgeous freckles and the most regal looking stare I’d ever seen. Christ, she was stunning. I glanced at her name. Cian Salvatore, murdered in a home invasion at the Salvatore residence.

“Shit.” I whispered and kept clicking.

But there wasn’t anything on the Commission. Just a few records that ultimately led nowhere. I lifted my head and glanced toward the hallway. I knew someone who might know, and she’d tell me too…Adrianna Copeland.

I wanted to hunt down the information. But I wanted to know about Dante Krul more.

I typed in his name.


I pulled up the company records and typed in his details.


The man was a ghost. No records of any kind, not even a mention of him anywhere. What kind of person doesn’t have at least one damn social? There had to be something. I bit my apple and chewed, my gaze wandering across the hall to Dom’s office.

He will have private files…things that weren’t maybe added to the company database. I rose from my seat, took a step out into the hallway and glanced around. “Dooo…doo…dooo.” I stepped closer, then slipped into Dom’s office and hurried around the corner of his desk.

There has to be something. I yanked out his drawer and winced. “What the fuck?” I pulled out a brand new butt plug, jewelled…vibrating. “Dom, you sly dog.” I placed it on the desk, then pulled out a stack of files.


Yes.” I muttered and opened the file.

Dante’s name sat at the top. Underneath was a list of addresses, a lot of addresses, some here in the States, plenty overseas. I looked at them closely. France, Australia. “Venice? Damn.” I muttered. He owns all these?

I moved on from the houses. To a list of names. Lots of them. Names, date of births, social security numbers.

They were his; they had to be.

I grabbed my phone and took a photo as the faint sound of Dom’s voice came from the hall. “Shit.’ I shoved the files back and the butt plug before I slammed the drawer closed and rose from behind his desk, lunging around the other side of his desk as he stepped in.

He cast me a suspicious glance. “Cole, after something?”

“The Davidson filing. I just wanted to see if you required anything else?”

“Nope.” He unbuttoned his jacket and slid it free. “I handed that off last week, the last time you checked.”

“Sure.” I smiled. “Just wanted to close it off my list.”

“I appreciate you being through.” He smiled, his gaze moving down my body. “It’s one of the things I admire about you.”

“Sure.” I said carefully, then backed out into the hall and headed back to my office.

I got what I wanted. More information on the mysterious Dante Krul, which was more than I had before. Still, it wasn’t enough. I slipped around my desk and grabbed my bottle of water. I wanted more. More than a list of names and houses he owned.

I grabbed my phone, glanced Dom’s way, making sure he was busy and snuck a glance at the screen. I narrowed in, pulling up one of the address for shits and giggles and punched the address into the search bar. The villa came up instantly, overlooking the stunning city of Venice with its pretty pink climbing vines that wrapped around the wrought-iron balcony balustrade. The view alone was worth millions. I tried to click through to the other images, but they were removed. Not just taken down but images removed by owner. “Huh.” I sat back against the set.

I was betting every single house on this list was the same. Images removed by owner. Mr. Krul liked his privacy. Which only wanted me to know more.      


Chapter Six - Cole

I tried to find out more about our mysterious new client, but every property listing led to a dead end. By the end of the day, I found nothing more than I knew before. Dom watched me from across the hall, casting careful glances as he talked on the phone to someone else in the FBI. 

He was pulling out all the stops. Calling in all the favours of his contacts to find every piece of information the Fed’s had on Dante Krul.

It was dark by the time I packed up and switched off my computer. I stood from my desk and grabbed to my bag, waving at Dom before I left. There were only a few of us working late, leaving me to hit the button for the elevator alone. 

I glanced over my shoulder as the doors opened and I stepped in. I never felt so anxious about leaving late like I did now. There was something triggering me. Like a weight, I couldn’t quite shift or figure out where it was coming from. I pressed my spine against the wall as the doors closed and the elevator sank. By the time I came to a stop, I reached into my purse, grabbed out my car keys and stepped out.

There was no one in the foyer, no guards around who could escort me to my car. I clenched my fist around the keys and headed for the doors. My mind was consumed by Dante. The more I tried to push him out of my thoughts, the more he seemed to invade. I scanned the car park, searching for any sign of movement and hurried to the end of the car spaces.

My hands were shaking by the time I unlocked my Audi and climbed inside. I didn’t freak out normally, not like this, not normally. Movement in my rearview mirror made me jump and jerk my gaze around. The security guard glanced my way and lifted his hand.

“Jesus,“ I whispered as my heart thundered.

I pressed the button, starting the engine, then shove the car into reverse, backing out of the parking lot and headed out. Even the city lights didn’t ease that tension. All I felt was nervous…and hungry. My stomach was howling by the time I pulled into my driveway. I sowed, pulled into the garage and hit the button to close the door, glancing at the connecting door to the house. But tonight Felix wasn’t waiting for me. 

“What the fuck?” I shut the car door and walked around the front, heading into the house. 

“Felix?” I called out, walking inside. I dumped my purse and keys on the kitchen counter and looked around nervously. Was he hurt? Stuck somewhere? Was he…dead?

Panic drive me toward the lounge room before I stopped cold. 

He was perched on top of the headrest of the sofa, watching me with critical eyes. 

“Hey buddy.” I stepped close and scratched between his ears. “What the Hell is going on? You’re normally screaming at me from the doorway. Don’t tell me you’re not hungry?”

I glanced at his bowl, finding an empty. Normally, he’d be howling and running to his bowl. Not today, it seemed. “Huh, okay. Well, I know I am.” 

But I wasn’t in the mood to cook tonight. I kicked off my heels and rounded the counter, yanking open the door and pulled out a stack of menus. I grabbed the list from my favourite Japanese restaurant. I ordered so much food from here they knew my order off by heart. I’ll grab my cell, pressed their number I had saved in favourites and placed an order for teriyaki chicken and steamed rice.

I almost felt happy when I made my way into the bedroom, working the buttons of my blouse and peeled it free. I had just enough time for a shower before the food arrived. So I undressed and stepped into the spray, unleashing a moan as the hot water pummeled my shoulders. I spent too many hours hunched over the keyboard today. When I closed my eyes, all I could see were court documents and notices of appeals. I wondered what Dante was doing right this minute, probably sitting in some expensive bar, watching the agents who were out for his blood.

I could just see him doing that. He would be that bold. I washed and scrubbed and stepped out of the shower, grabbing the towel. I dried myself and laid my clothes for tonight out on the bed, feeling that excitement once more. Finally, casting that weight free. The thick dressing gown kept away the cool night air. I wrapped it tight around my waist and turn into my attention to the door, wondering why the bell hadn’t rung.

What was taking them so damn long? 

Frustration grew inside me. I tried to think of something else other than the ache in my belly, and my thoughts shifted to the video I posted today. Thank God it was private. I never let myself get that out of hand, especially at work. 

But the longer I tried to focus on something else that weighed feeling returned. I strode barefoot to the doorway, flipped on the light and open the door, glancing outside. “Maybe they were held up?”

Felix hadn’t moved from the top of the sofa, still staring at me as though food was the furthest thing from his mind. There was a first time for everything. 

It was almost an hour later. My stomach howled in fury. So I picked up my phone and rang the restaurant. The moment I gave my name and the order in the address, the guy on the other end of the line said the order had been delivered over thirty minutes ago. It hadn’t. I asked him to check the address and while he phoned the driver. When he came back, the driver said he definitely delivered it, only it wasn’t here.

Furious, I unlock the door and walked out searching the front of the house. Still there was no food. My mood grew even darker when I walked back into the kitchen, opened the tin of tuna and dumped the contents into a bowl. I’m glared at Felix. “What? You’re not even interested in this, now?”

Everything was strange tonight. I didn’t like it not at all.

I rinsed my bowl and cutlery, placing them back in the drawer, before heading to the bedroom. I switched on the camera and checked my subscribers, who were online. But the excitement I had before was gone. I stayed online for an hour, talking, adjusting my bra as I kept my face hidden behind a mask. By the time I was done, I just wanted to sleep.

I took off my mask, watching the comments as they filled the page, asking for a private show. All I had to do was name my price. But I wasn’t interested in money tonight. I logged off, undressed and slipped on a pair of cotton boxers and an oversized T-shirt before I climbed into bed.

Felix didn’t come and curl up against me, not even when I called him for a pat. Instead, I tossed and turned, trying to claw moments of sleep, and woke up more tired than I had when I fell asleep.


I was in a foul mood when I turned up for work. I stepped out of the elevator at close to nine am, not even caring that I was an hour later than my usual start time. Instead of heading to my desk, I made for the break room, making an extra large, strong cappuccino in the coffeemaker before heading for my desk.

“There you are.” Desire called, striding over to me, looking gorgeous in a sunny, yellow dress and black heels, carrying an enormous bouquet of red roses. “These came for you.”

“Me?” I jerked my gaze to the flowers and the card sticking out at the top. 

I hit the button for my computer, letting it start up as I grabbed the flowers from her. It wasn’t my birthday and my parents sure as Hell wouldn’t send me damn roses. Especially not red roses. 

“To Illegally Yours.” Dom murmured, looking over my shoulder at the card. 

I flinched, my heart punching against my chest. 

Check your emails? The card said.

My emails?

I glanced at the eight unread emails waiting for me. The subject line You fucking bitch!!!! Waited for me.

No…no. That’s a mistake. Panic roared through me as I snatched the card free and hit the screen on my monitor, shutting it down to hide it from my boss. I shook my head, took a step to Desire and shoved the bouquet at her. “Throw them out…now.” 

“What?” She smiled and shook her head, glancing at the single step, blood-red roses that must’ve cost a small fortune. “You want me to the throw them out?”

“Yes.” I demanded. “Get them away from me.” 

“Everything okay?” That deep, resounding growl I heard in my fantasies came from behind me. 

I spun, finding Dante Krul standing there, his gaze fixed not on the roses, but on my expression. 

“F-fine.” I whispered. 

But it was anything but fine. The roses and the emails had to come from one person and one person alone. HeartedLoverhad not only hacked my account under a new name…they now knew where I worked.

My life was exposed…my job, maybe where I lived. My knees trembled as Dante stepped closer, glancing at the card in my hand before he met my gaze once more. “Doesn’t look fine to me, Ms. Reyes. Want to tell me what the Hell is going on?” 

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