by atlas rose and kim faulks 

Vampire’s Kiss

Dark Mafia Paranormal Romance 

The Mafia world is no place for a woman, or so I’m told. 

I didn’t choose this life, the darkness and the danger chose me. 

Blood called to blood and now my father, the head of the most dangerous Mafia families in Crown City is dying…and he wants me to take his place. 

But claiming my legacy means facing all the trouble that comes with it.

All the men who think I’m weak. And the Vampires who leave threats on my windshield.  

Hurrow, Justice and Rule are possessive and jealous, and every bit the bloodthirsty hunters I knew them to be.

Somehow I always return to them. To their hunger and their bed. I will fight the lies they tell me. I will hold on to the last traces of my sanity.

I won’t become a monster like them…not even for lov

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I was their payment on a debt…and they were my salvation. 

My Vampires dragged me from the river and brought me back to life, and In turn I saved the one man who gave his life for me…my bodyguard. 

Only to save him will be to turn him into the monster he despises. 

They promised to keep me alive. They promised to keep me safe. 

But what happens when death is payment for a debt I never knew?Death or an eternity in servitude?  The Costello’s are steeped in betrayal. Now the Inner Circle has come to collect.

The Costello’s were mine. 

Mine to corner. Mine to hunt. Mine to bring to their knees.  

I’ve hunted Ruth for years now.  She’s my ticket to her family, and the entire cesspool they play in. The Costello’s are lower than low…they are liars…they are mobsters. They are Mafia. 

Crown City is divided. 

Mortals on one side of the river and the beasts on the other. 

Only I’m a woman caught in the middle, and now I’m forced to choose a side. Return to the FBI who’s hunting us, or run with the Wolves?But there’s nothing weak about Phantom. Or our pack.  

what’s coming…

Fae’s Torment

Dark Mafia Paranormal Romance 

Hate. Retribution. Revenge.

It burns in my veins and keeps me awake at night, hunting Crown City’s streets like the ones who took from me. 

But it’s not these streets where I want to spill blood. It’s over there, across the bridge. Where the shadows of this world cloak their sick, foul secrets…and where they trade magic for mortal lives. They’re the ones who took my brother from me…

Only I found a way to get to them now. This new seductive club the Wolves opened  called Dark City needs mortal women to entrance these beasts and I’m the one they’ll want. 

The one who hides the truth behind her smile. And a knife against her thigh.

Only when I take my chance I’m the one taken instead. But my enemy doesn’t want me dead…they want something else. Something those dark Unseelie eyes promise…and I might never sleep again.

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